How to use video to grow your business

How to use video to grow your business

1.Tell your story

One of the most popular pages on a business website is the "about us" page. Instead of using pages of text trying to explain who you are and why your story matters, use a video to communicate your story in an engaging visual way. We have done just that for some of the largest companies in the world.

2.Explain your services or products

Sometimes trying to explain exactly what you offer and why you are different is hard at the best of times, but even more so if you have a very specialist service or product. People want to see the benefits not just read about it. Show your product or services in action and we guarantee you will build more trust and business.

3. Train communicate with your staff and clients

Only a few large organisations are utilising great video content to communicate and train their staff and clients. Especially in large organisations employees can often feel disconnected and unmotivated. Utilising internal updates and training through high-quality media can have a massive impact on the culture and output of an organisation.

World association of chefs conference video production

Global event video production for World Association of Chefs 2014

World Congress of Chefs, WACS 2014, gathered over 800 chefs for three days of conferences and competitions in Stavanger, Norway. July 2th -5th. This is one of films we produced during the event for them. 

3 things every golf course should be doing with media

3 things every golf course should be doing with media

1. Course Introduction and Overview of Top Features

When people first visit your website what are they greeted with? Go and have a quick look at your home page, what action are you wanting people to take? Get in contact, become a member or book a tee time? Sometimes its hard to see, so encourage someone who has never seen your site to have a look, ask them what action they think the site wants them to take?