Award winning work. 

Our team at Petro strives for excellence in every aspect of the films we produce. This year we took home 6 American Advertising Awards in several categories. Check out the award winning work below, and read a bit about the production process.



Sound Design


Video Editing


Commitment to Matagorda County is a film we created for Tenaris, as they opened their brand new $1.8B facility in Bay City Texas. The message was made clear to us - Tenaris is part of the community, they will continue to embrace the culture of the city and they will continue to face the future hand in hand with the long time residents of Matagorda County. We were tasked with creating a story that reflected those values. 

This film was released on various social medias and amassed over 25K views in the first few days after the release. This film has resonated throughout the community because of the choices of strong characters within the city. We became close friends with Lisa, Jacinto, Arthur and Julia. We walked through the Millburger home, as they reminisced, telling us stories of their kids growing up in Bay City. We had a round of beers on Lisa the evening after her interview, and received one of the best entrepreneurial pep talks we've ever heard. We interrupted school to film Julia at Bay City High, and had full support of her amazing teachers - because people need to hear this young woman passion. And Jacinto's mother makes the best homemade tortillas and albondigas we've ever had. We thank these folks for welcoming us into their lives and taking time out of their schedule to introduce the world to what Bay City is all about. 

We get to know people and care about their stories. Filmmaking begins with relationships, trust and candor. 

Thank you Tenaris, and thank you Bay City for sharing your incredible stories. 


Branded Content & Entertainment Over 60 Seconds


Rotor By Hand is a film we created for Mitsubishi Heavy Industries to show the world the depth of their quality assurance. Rotors are incredibly complex pieces of machinery that require extreme precision, balance and strength to spin at high RPM's for years at a time. We were filming another project for Mitsubishi at the time, but during production we heard this "" in the background, for hours. It sounded like a machine because the beats against steel were so evenly paced. 

As our team got curious and wandered off in the warehouse, we saw Masayoshi Harada was responsible for this sound. He almost looked like a robot standing in front of this rotor, hammering away with extreme focus, refining each of the thousands of rivets one by one. As our crew gathered around him we started hearing his story from colleagues. "He was flown in  here from Mitsubishi Japan to refine these rotors, there aren't many in the world who can do what he does." People spoke about Masayoshi as if he were a machine. 

Masayoshi does not speak english, but luckily, our director Emmanuel Ossei-Kuffour Jr. studied abroad and worked in Japan for several years and became fluent in Japanese. After some conversations in his native tongue, Masayoshi agreed to give us an interview and show us his craft in detail. We found so much beauty in what he was producing. We could see the years of hard work that had been spent in front of these rotors.

As he states in the film, "machines can only be so precise, there are only times where you hands and eyes can make the right judgement." This film was made based on a feeling and judgment by our team. We saw a story happening right in front of us and decided quickly the most effective way to tell the story. This film has now been featured on Forbes Business, has been incredibly well received by our clients at Mitsubishi and continues to garner attention and viewership. 

Thank you to Stephanie at Mitsubishi for trusting us, on a whim, to tell this story well. Thank you to Masayoshi Harada for being so willing to share a tiny glimpse into your craft. 


Audio/Visual Sales Presentation


Documentary Value is a film we created for...ourselves! We wanted to create a piece that shared our vision and passion for documentary film and how we believe it can be used for branded content. Many people are fearful to let a documentary crew come in to their business and show what it is like on a day to day basis but we believe this type of storytelling may separate you from the competitors. 

In 2017 we traveled to 10 different states shooting a documentary series for Phillips 66. We know most people won't dedicate the time to watch all of these films, but they should. We were able to hit the ground running on each shoot because we have years of experience with documentary work, and traveling for projects. When we arrive we ask questions about our subjects business, brand, life and family that other creative agencies would normally overlook, or just simply not care about. We have come to understand that business is not just a job for some, but it is their identity. Every aspect of their life is touched by the hard work they've put into what they have built and the world needs to hear those stories. 

When you are thrown into a huge project series, with some crazy deadlines, you learn a lot about your team and what you believe as filmmakers. We were able to deliver some of our favorite work we've ever produced to Phillips 66 and the reception to the documentary series was incredible. You can't fake your way through that as a filmmaker, there is no way to get lucky over and over. We have passion, skill and determination to get in the middle of peoples stories, shoot them beautifully and edit them relentlessly. We hope this film describes some of those feelings.

Thank you to the team here at Petro. I've never seen myself on camera and enjoyed what I see. I now have a new perspective for what our clients go through during an interview, and what their fears may be. I have watched this film over and over and I never thought I could stomach that, since I have to look at myself and hear my own voice. When you capture something so well, from the lighting to the audio to the editing, you look and sound like an actual human, and not a poorly chopped up version of yourself. I hope more people can open up to being on camera and sharing their story. They must realize that not all filmmakers are amateurs and that we have invested our entire careers to making people look good.  - Chris




Welcome to Tenaris, Texas is a film we created for Tenaris, to get the message out about their new Rig Direct offering to the Southern United States. The goal for this film is to show the oilfield that Rig Direct is right here to partner with you and has what you need to get the job done. We didn't feel it was necessary to lean into the typical Texan stereotypes to get the point across, it was about showing a real look at how hard these people work day in and day out.  We were thrilled that the voiceover was recognized for an award. 

This film was played at the inauguration of the Tenaris Bay City facility. US Secretary of Energy, Rick Perry was introduced by the video at the ceremony, and he had this to say about the film.

"That video makes you stand just a little bit taller, sit a little bit straighter and be proud of who we are and how we got here." - Rick Perry

When Rig Direct was released on social media, it also had tremendous viewership. Over 25K views in less than a week. This film was released around the same time that our Tenaris Community film was and both were the most viewed posts across all social medias that the company has ever had. Both films were viewed as extremely successful.